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Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada Inc., Jane St., Vaughan

Weston Consulting was the land use planning consulting firm for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada Inc., a not-for-profit organization located on Jane Street in Vaughan. Weston Consulting provided extensive planning services to obtain planning approvals to facilitate a campus development consisting of 13 buildings related to the existing mosque, which included a technology and education centre, a guest residence, 24 townhouses, a hospitality hall, a community hall and offices, a place of worship, an office building and an 80 unit seniors’ residence.

Weston Consulting worked closely with an architect and landscape architect to develop a master plan and urban design guidelines to guide the future development of the site.

The master plan provided the basis for the enactment of a comprehensive zoning by-law identifying building locations across the entire site. However, because it will take a number of years to bring the plan to fruition, flexibility was maintained in the by-law to allow building locations to be interchanged as warranted by changing circumstances. The master plan and urban design guidelines provide an overall vision of how the proposed development will be integrated with the surrounding community. The site is planned to be developed in phases by site plan approval, whereby the detailed landscaping and elevation design requirements will be addressed.

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