Justin Polce


Business Office Manager

Mr. Polce is the Business Office Manager at Weston Consulting. He joined the firm in February 2014.

Justin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from York University.

As a member of the Leadership Team, Mr. Polce’s duties within the firm consist of developing, recommending and implementing short and long-term strategic goals. Working with the President and Vice Presidents, Justin identifies, develops and implements administrative and support services while monitoring key business activities and providing input into the decision-making of the company’s strategic planning process.

Mr. Polce manages the Human Resources selection and recruitment process, including screening and interviewing applicants, hiring new employees, maintaining personnel records and documents, establishing goals with staff, carrying out performance reviews, and conducting orientation and training sessions in an effort to inform new employees of company practices, policies, information systems and office protocol.

Justin is also responsible for providing Information Technology solutions and services pertaining to operational infrastructure and facilities, internet, computers, as well as conducting phone system programming and configuration, while liaising with related technical experts and consultants.

As well, Mr. Polce supervises the company’s interface for all offices, including arranging maintenance contracts, coordinating office renovation and expansion projects with outside vendors, including responding to requests from suppliers, professional associations, customers and stakeholder groups in order to ensure the timely provision of services.



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