Bathurst and Wolseley Streets, Toronto – Mixed Use / Mid-Rise

Bathurst and Wolseley Streets, Toronto

Origami, Bathurst and Wolseley Streets, Toronto

We In a decision issued September 23, 2014, the Ontario Municipal Board approved the rezoning and site plan for a 7-storey, 24-unit mixed-use building at the southwest corner of Bathurst and Wolseley Streets, just north of Queen Street in the City of Toronto.

The project, known as Origami, features a strikingly creative design by Teeple Architects. Given the small size of the property, a ramp to underground parking is not feasible. Instead, the parking needs of the residents will be met by parking stackers.

The project was supported by the City Planning Department, but the owner, 202 Bathurst Holdings Inc. (Symmetry Developments) appealed the applications when it became apparent that the Council was going to apply the angular plane from the Mid-Rise Study, which is not applicable to this location, and which would have resulted in a signifi cant reduction in floor area.

The evidence provided at the hearing by Steven Teeple (Teeple Architects), Alan Young, (Weston Consulting) and Lynda Macdonald (City of Toronto, under summons), demonstrated that the modified angular plane proposed in the project would result in an acceptable impact on the low-rise residential uses to the west.

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