Andrew Everton


Senior Planner

Andrew is a land use planner with a strong background in policy development and stakeholder engagement focused on intensification, healthy communities and the revitalization of built-up areas. Throughout the first phase of his career, Andrew largely worked with municipalities to craft long-range strategies that prioritize human scale development with an emphasis on walkability, transit-use, and convenient access to the amenities and services people rely on daily. This work included forward-thinking initiatives and studies such as supporting the development of a Healthy Community Checklist, Active City Guidelines, and Intensification Strategies. He has also worked with municipalities to better utilize implementation tools including the Community Permit Planning System, Development Bonusing (Section 37), Zoning Strategies, and Community Improvement Plans.

Recognizing that land use planning is a complex system, Andrew’s approach to city-building begins with developing a comprehensive understanding of the related moving parts, including stakeholders’ interests. Andrew’s approach allows him to tackle challenging assignments through detailed research while developing practical solutions and long-term objectives. His project experience has taught him how to explore the links between architecture and urban design, land use planning policy and quality of life indicators, economy, social values, technology, art and design.

Since joining Weston Consulting, Andrew has been engaged on a broad range of development applications, ranging from small but complex severances in rural settings to introducing the tallest towers in traditional suburban communities. On these assignments, his primary role deals with functioning at a project manager capacity, while providing strategic advice and coordinating the efforts of internal and external support. As well, Andrew is involved in projects that require a careful critique of a policy position.

Andrew works primarily out of our Toronto office.

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