Lake Shore Boulevard, Toronto – Mixed Use / High Rise

Lakeshore Boulevard, Toronto

One of Toronto’s key waterfront communities, the Humber Bay Shores neighbourhood, has recently been the subject of a number of development approvals, including a project by Graywood Developments Ltd. on the site of the former “Silver Moon Motel”. The Humber Bay Shores neighbourhood, also known as the “Motel Strip” has undergone significant transformation in the past several decades and has emerged as one of the most desirable waterfront communities in Toronto.

Weston Consulting has been involved in planning projects in the area for more than ten years and was retained by Graywood Developments in 2008 to implement a vision for a mixed use development. This vision called for greater pedestrian connectivity, street-oriented built form, and high quality urban design.

Weston Consulting submitted official plan and zoning by-law amendment applications in 2008 with support from Page and Steele Architects, Schaeffers & Associates, Strybos Barron King Limited, and the MMM Group. The approved development consists of three buildings, including a 5-storey office building along Lake Shore Boulevard, an 8-storey residential building, and a 36-storey mixed-use building.

The development contemplates a total of 410 residential units. The 36-storey tower was positioned on the 1.4 acre site at Marine Parade Drive and will offer future residents magnificent views to Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto. The development applications were approved by Council in April 2010. Weston Consulting is now coordinating the preparation of the site plan application. This project represents the next chapter in the transformation of this community and will be a landmark development along Toronto’s waterfront.

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