Belcomo Project – Mixed Use / Mid-Rise

Belcomo Project, Whitchurch-Stouffville

Weston Consulting assisted the proponents, Belcomo Investments Ltd. in the design and Subdivision approval of a phased mixed-use subdivision in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville.

The development consists of a 104 Unit Residential Condominium Block, a Retail/Commercial/Residential Block and an Open Space Block to recognize the Valley Lands of the Tributary to the Little Rouge Creek.

The Belcomo lands are located within the Stouffville Secondary Plan, designating the lands Urban Medium Density Residential Area, in which the proposed development is a permitted use.

Approvals for this multi-use Condominium development include Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision, Site Plan Approval and Condominium Agreement and approvals through the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.

Phase 1 of the development will be the Residential Condominium while Phase 2 will consist of the mixed use block to be developed in the future.

Servicing allocation has been provided for both phases by means of a multi-ownership Servicing Agreement, entered into by Belcomo Investments Ltd. to allow for servicing to the proposed development.

The phased Belcomo Investments Ltd. mixed-use development makes up only a percentage of the overall North West Stouffville Block Plan development consisting of eleven (11) landowners. The Block Plan development features existing and proposed land uses such as; low to medium density subdivisions, business parks, commercial retail development and open space and parks and mixed-use developments.

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