Dalesford Road – Residential

Dalesford Road, Toronto

This is a redevelopment of an existing industrial site for 39 residential townhouse units with vehicular access provided from Dalesford and Mendota Roads, as well as a new internal public street.

The development provided an opportunity to incorporate one of the few remaining non-residential sites into the existing residential fabric of the surrounding neighbourhood. The proposed built-form and relationship to public streets compliments the existing residential dwellings to the west and north.

The challenge was to incorporate a row of double frontage lots where both front and rear elevations were of a superior quality model to simulate a front yard condition.

The townhomes are 3.5 storeys in height and range in size from 170 sq.m. to 230 sq.m. Overall density is 0.46 FSI.

All units have enclosed parking spaces. The units with frontage on Mendota Road have integral garages accessed from the new public street to the north and provide two tandem parking spaces inside of the garage.

The units fronting Dalesford Road and the new public street provide for a parking space in the garage and one space in the driveway leading up to the garage.