Vaughan City Centre – Urban Design

Vaughan City Centre, Vaughan

Challenged to create a design solution for a proposed high-rise residential development with street-level retail in Vaughan’s future city core, Weston Consulting’s urban design team has risen to the occasion with a plan to create a landmark community. The proposed plan will create a gateway, mixed-use, high-density development featuring high-rise buildings at the very heart of Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

The City’s vision of the designated area as “an intense, dynamic community that in time will become the heart of the City” plays a key role in the urban design team’s thinking.

The team’s design proposal speaks to architecture that would reflect a people-centred urban character. Active pedestrian zones along the street-level retail frontages of Jane Street and Highway 7 meet in an urban square designed with outdoor seating and landscaping. A distinctive landscape treatment integrates area features such as Black Creek and the storm water management facility, creating an array of urban and naturalized walkways and green spaces. A four-storey podium wall along with an articulated facade, close to the street, creates strong urban edges along Highway 7 and Jane Street.

Strategically located access points and potential connections with a neighbouring development are suggested, improving overall connectivity in and around the proposed landmark development.

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