Woodbridge Heritage District, Vaughan – Urban Design

Kipling Avenue, Woodbridge Heritage District, Vaughan

Preserving a community’s past in the midst of intensification offers some unique opportunities. Integrating three heritage buildings into a proposed residential development along Kipling Avenue in Vaughan’s Woodbridge Heritage District provided Weston Consulting urban design team with an exciting challenge.

Drawing inspiration from the look of the preserved trio, the team’s proposed design suggests integrating heritage-inspired architectural features, materials and colours into the proposed new community of freehold detached and semi-detached residences and common-element condominium townhouses. With this urban design plan, Kipling Avenue’s historic, charming streetscape is enhanced by the new development thanks to visually appealing building facades and landscaping that reflects the character of the avenue. New construction pays homage to the existing heritage structures in terms of building mass, height, scale, character and architectural details. As well, the overall built form and massing is consistent with nearby new infill communities.

Weston Consulting’s proposed urban design plan ensures and enhances heritage preservation along with high quality architecture, establishing a true integration of the past with the present.


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